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4.7 stars

Top 5 Blu-ray Ripper

Charles Brown 2016-08-01

DVDfab DVD Ripper is a ripping app which can rip discs to the usual formats. But it can also rip only the audio. So if you are after a piece of music for your iPhone/iPod, then DVDfab can grab it for you. However, you cannot choose subtitles and output M3U8.

Love my DVD Fab

Tricia 2016-07-06

As I get more into transferring my media from DVD to digital, DVD Fab covers it all. I can copy, which I actually skip, I use the ripper mostly rip it all to MP4, upload to my Seagate personal cloud and run thru ROKU via PLex. This software merges 2 dvd's into one file, or you can trim videos selecting a beginning and ending point, convert any file to another. I've tried other software, but this is the most comprehensive and reliable.

The best ever I met!

charfford 2016-03-25

The DVD Ripper is the best software I have ever used for DVD ripping. I use it to rip DVD for other format that can be used on various devices, such as iphone,ipad,psp. It is easy to use. All I have to do it just clicking several buttons.

Very powerful tool!

Cornelius 2016-03-17

It is a powerful tool to rip DVD movies to various video/audio formats for playback on most of my media devices.

Runs smoothly and fast conversion!

David 2016-03-03

I have a lot of movies on DVDs and on my hard drive and I want to be able to rip the movies off my discs into good quality 700 mb files and burn the movies on my HD to DVDs.This dvd ripper is the best one I have used before. It runs smoothly on windows pc. Fast conversion pace but no quality loss .It can also convert protected dvds.

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